My Account


A dashboard for Contacts to view and manage their quotes, purchases, training history and details within Learndot .

Each Contact has their own User Profile as known as My Account.

There are 4 main parts of a User Profile

  • My Learning - Displays all of the users' learning and their progress
  • Curriculum (My Learning Plan previously)- an individual users plan for their learning where Contacts can add items such as components to their learning plan. 
  • Activity - displays a timeline of your activities.
  • Awards - displays users' badges, proofs of completion and certificates.

Viewing My Account

My Account is accessed by Contacts through the Front-end interface. It is used as the default dashboard for Contacts to interact with Learndot. The Contact's User Profile can be accessed and settings can be changed accordingly such as Notification settings.

Viewing Curriculum 

Curriculum is accessed by Contacts through the Front-end interface. When a user add a course or other learning component to his learning plan by clicking on "Add to My Learning Plan" button, it will be saved under this page for future purchase or access.

Viewing Activity

Activity is a timeline of user's activities. The user is able to track his/her activities starting from the time he/she joined Learndot.  

Viewing Awards

Awards is accessed by Contacts through the Front-end interface. Users will be presented with all of their badges, proofs of learning completion and certificates. Users are also allowed to download and share those Awards as well as some additional administrative features such as adding awards to users' LinkedIn Profiles.

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