Your Account


The Your Account page is made of 4 tabs that lets you manage your profile, personal details, skills and order history.

 The account page is made up for four sections:

  • Account - allows the change of user's basic information, password, notification settings and privacy settings 
  • Personal details - allows changing advanced details of user's profile
  • Skills - allows managing user's skills
  • Orders/Quotes - allows past orders review

To access the inbox, contacts click the YOUR ACCOUNT link in the Learndot user menu.


The Account tab is divided into four main parts that allow you to change your basic information, password, notification settings and privacy settings.

Personal Details

The Personal Details tab lets you change all details of your profile such as first and last name, phone number title and etc...


The Skills tab lets you manage your skills, by adding your area of skill and your self rate.

Order History

The Order/Quotes tab shows orders history and lets you review your past orders