Early Bird Pricing


There will be times when you would like to offer Early bird pricing to your customers giving them the opportunity of enrolling in the events you offer at lower price. In this tutorial we will see an example of how to use the Early Bird Price Feature.

Early Bird Pricing

Step 1: Create an ILT

First of all, we need to have an Instructor Led Training (ILT) to be able to enable Early Bird Pricing. To create an ILT:

  • Login to Learndot as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Catalog > Learning Components > Instructor Led Training 
  • Click New 
  • Fill up the form
  • For illustration Purposes we will use the values below. Set the Purchase Section with the following characteristics:
    • Price: 1000 USD
    • Early Bird Price: 900 USD
    • Early Bird Cutoff (days): 2

Step 2: Create Public Class

Now you are able to create Events for this ILT.

  • Navigate to Events > Public Classes
  • Click New
  • Fill up the form. Use the Instructor Led Training that you created in Step 1

You may leave blank: Price, Early Bird Price and Early Bird Cutoff  Since those settings will be inherited from the ILT.

  •  Press Save

After saving, you will be able to check the Public Class on the Events view page. And you can confirm that the setting has been inherited (Price, Early Bird Price and Early Bird Cutoff):

Editing Price and Early Bird Price

After you've created the Public Event, you may want to modify its price and/or Early bird price. Modifying one of the two entities will not be inherited to the other.  

*Please note that the Early Bird Price (and the Early Bird Cutoff) was not inherited!

Cloning a Public Class 

If you clone a Public Class that its price was modified and its Early Bird Price was erased, the cloned one will inherit the original Early Bird Price. As in this example, where we used the same public class we created above. as you can see the original price is modified and the early bird price is erased.

  • Cloning Event:

  • Result:

After Saving any event, do check if the information displayed is correct.

Please take a look on the notes in order to avoid any misunderstanding