Enable Geo-Awareness

Learndot provides the ability to display the most relevant courses and events to the customers based on their geographical location. 


Each Learndot instance's theme layout may still need to be updated to take advantage of this feature. Please contact support@learndot.com to request assistance.

Geo-Awareness System Settings

In order to setup Geo-Awareness within Learndot, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Log into the Admin Dashboard
  • Navigate to System > SetupSystem Settings
  • You should be presented with a list of System Settings

  • You can use the search bar at the top of the screen to find the desired system settings easily

  • The following system settings are related to Geo-Awareness:

    geospatial.awareness.enabled(tick)Enable Geo-Awareness across front-end site.
    • Checked Yes on Enabled & Value - ON
    • Checked No on Enabled & Value - OFF

    Consider Contacts address instead of their IP if possible when GeoAwarenes features are enabled.
    • Checked Yes on Enabled & Value - ON
    • Checked No on Enabled & Value - OFF

    License Key for MaxMind GeoIP Web Services subscription

    Key for Google Maps Geocoding API
  • To Enable Geo-Awareness "geospatial.awareness.enabled" should be enabled and "geospatial.awareness.useContactAddress.enabled" should be set if required.
  • Geo-Awareness should now be enabled and working on Learndot, with Courses and Events now being displayed on the front-end based on geographical location
  • To test that Geo-Awareness is working, login to Learndot and set the Address of your user the users Profile, then logout and login again.
  • Once your address has been set, login and visit the /classes page and the courses should be ordered with the closest timezone listed first. 
  • To test again, change the address for your user in the profile to a new location, then logout, login, and view the /classes page again and it should list the courses with the closest to the new address first.

All Locations within Learndot must have valid Address details so a Latitude and Longitude Address can be generated for Geo-Awareness to work correctly. This means that they should have a full address (or at least a City, State and Country) to generate the latitude and longitude of the location, which is used to order the classes. If your Locations do not show a Latitude and Longitude, please edit them and save them again, which will trigger the setting of latitude and longitude values.