Provider Interface


Providers are training subsidiaries you work with who provide training, locations, courses and run events. Once a contact has been made a Provider representative, access to the Provider Interface is opened. This interface allows Providers to manage, create and edit classes, instructor led courses, locations and update their Provider profile. Various sections of Instructor Dashboard illustrated as follows.



The default landing page of the Provider Interface, the Dashboard page shows the number of tentative, confirmed and cancelled classes provided by the Provider, for future and past classes. 

Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training is a live training session led by an instructor. 

Shows the list of Instructor Led Training Courses provided by a Provider. Click on New to create new Instructor Led Training Courses.


Locations are the place where the classes will take a place, it helps to manage information such as time zone, capacity and  various other common attributes.

Shows the list of locations that this Provider gives Instructor Led Training Courses at. Click on New to create new Locations.

Public Classes

Public Classes are course component occurring in a particular location and open for public registration.

Shows the list of Public Classes that is conducted by this Provider. Click on New to create new Classes.


Engagements represent private training sessions purchased by organizations.

Shows the list of Engagements that is conducted by this Provider. Click on New to create new Engagements.


This section allows editing of Provider information as of below. These information are displayed on the Provider's front end page. 

NameName of Provider
URLWebsite link of Provider
Default Class Start TimeDefault class start time for this Provider, in format '00:00'
DescriptionDescription or other information about the Provider. This field can be in HTML format.
Cancellation PolicyCancellation policy of this Provider. This field can be in HTML format.

Configuring Payment Gateways for Providers

This functionality is available to staff users with appropriate permission. See Payment Gateways