Instructor Led Training Components

An Instructor Led Training Component is a Live Training session led by an Instructor. These are either held online as a Live Webinar session or as part of an Event at a particular Location.


Instructor Led Training (ILT) Components can be purchased individually or within a bundled Course.

There are 4 major properties of an Instructor Led Training Component.

  • Purchasable - representing the state of the Instructor Led Training Component.
  • Visibility - How the ILT is visible in the catalog
  • Content Component- the content covered in the course.
  • Events - the different sessions held for the ILT component.

Purchasable Component

There are 3 status available on an Instructor Led Training Component. They are described in the following table.

StatusDescriptionShow on Website
YesThe default status, active components are promoted on the website.Yes (tick)
Active PartIndicates this component is used as part of a component bundle.Yes (tick) Only appears on bundled courses website view.
Can also be accessed via direct url.
NoThe component is not available.
Learndot will not generate any links to the component on the website interface.
Component page is still accessible via direct URL.
No (error) (Only can be accessed via direct url).

Component Visibility

There are 4 levels of visibility available on an Instructor-Led Training Component. They are described in the following table:

EveryoneDefault status, indicates the ILT is available for everyone. The ILT is available via URL and linked to on the website (i.e: catalog).
Everyone with URLThe ILT is for a specific audience.
The ILT is available via direct URL but will not be listed on the website (i.e: catalog).
Only Signed in UserThe ILT is only visible to contacts who have signed in.
The ILT is available via direct URL and will also be listed on the website (i.e: catalog) if the contact is authenticated
No one - Optionally redirect to new URLThe ILT wont be listed in the catalog for anyone.
Access via direct URL will redirect to home page.
Custom (based on Catalog Groups)If the Custom Catalog View feature is disabled, any content marked with Visibility = Custom (depends on catalog groups) will continue to be visible to everyone until the feature is enabled.

Note: the Visibility field is mandatory, but if you don't touch it when creating the ILT, the system will automatically set it to "Everyone".

Creating Instructor Led Training Components

Instructor Led Training Components are created through the Admin Dashboard by a Staff member, in 2 steps: Create component information and Add content to the component

Step 1: Create component information

Instructor-Led Training information is created in first screen, filling a form similar to other entities in Learndot.
Mandatory fields are Purchasable, Name, Primary Category, Duration, Price, Price Multiplier, Visible To.

  • Login as an Administrator 
  • Navigate to Catalog > Learning Components > Instructor-Led Training 
  • Click New

  • Fill up the form

Take Note:

Mandatory fields are Name, Primary Category, and Price

Duration and Visibility if not filled up, the system will fill it up by default (1 minute and visible to everyone).

  • The Duration field is estimative of how long the learner will take to finish the component. It will appear on the component tile on the Learner Dashboard, on the top right corner. 

Step 2: Add content

The following fields are configurable when creating or/and modifying an Instructor-Led Training Component:

Main Fields

PurchasableSelect whether the component should be purchasable through the website.
NameFull name of the Component.
Primary CategoryKnowledge Category the Component belongs to.
SummaryA brief statement of the Component.
DescriptionA description of the Component.
LogoComponent Logo, chosen with Static File Manager.
BannerComponent Banner, chosen with Static File Manager.
Duration - DaysThe duration of this Component in days.
Duration - Minutes Per DayThe period in minutes per day of this Component.
ExpiryThe number of days after enrolling in which the component must be completed.
Proof of CompletionUsed to send the learner a proof of completion when learning is completed.

Purchase Fields

These fields relate to the eCommerce details of an Instructor-Led Training Component.

ProviderProvider of Component
PriceFull amount of money paid per person to register for this Component.
Tax JurisdictionUsed when specifying from which location is the Tax going to be charged.
Field ConfigurationAdditional field for Check-out process.
Rule ConfigurationAdditional field for Check-out process.
Early Bird PriceReduced price of the component if registration is done before a specific number of days before the start of the component.
Early Bird Cutoff (days)The specific number of days before the start of the component when the component is still eligible for early bird price.
Price MultiplierUsed when suggesting on-site training opportunity values.
SharedDetermines if this instructor-led training is shared to Providers. If checked, this ILT will be available for class creation for Providers in Provider Interface.
NotesAny other information that the component creator may wish to add.

Content Fields

These fields relate to the content covered within an Instructor-Led Training Component.

Short NameShort Name of the component.
ObjectivesTeaching goals for the component.
AudienceWho the component is catered for.
LanguageSelect the language of ILT.
PrerequisitesPrior knowledge or skills required by participants to attend this component.
Additional NotesAny other information of note that the component creator may wish to add.
They Took This CoursePeople who took this course.
OutlineLayout or plan for this course.
Courseware ProvidedWhether courseware is provided by provider to participants.
Courseware URLLink to the Courseware.
VersionCourseware version.
Setup Requirements

Any requirements by participants to setup the component.

Web Fields

These fields relate to the links and visibility of the Instructor-Led Training Component.

URL Path

A few words that describe this entity. Leave blank to auto-generate.

Visible To

Select visibility of the Instructor-Led Training.

Order NumberControls the ordering of entities on the website. Higher values appear lower in the list.
PriorityControls which courses are shown on the stream sidebar. Lower values are hidden.

Integration Field(s)

These fields relate to the integration capability of the Instructor-Led Training Component.

Salesforce Reference ID

Enter the Salesforce Reference ID for Integration.

Viewing Instructor-Led Training Components

Instructor-Led Training Components are displayed in the Catalog on the front-end website.

They are also displayed in the view screen of Courses and Learning Pathways.

As with other entities, they can also be searched using Learndot's Searching features.

Terminology - What are the differences between Instructor-Led Training Components and Courses?

Instructor-Led Training ComponentsAn Instructor-Led Training Component is a Live Training session led by an Instructor which are held either online as a Live Webinar session or as part of an Event at a particular Location. These are also Learning Components that can be added to a Course to be purchased with other components.
CoursesA Course is the content covered in a number of Learning Components. A course is made up of modules, sections and Learning Components associated with them. A user can purchase a course and complete each part in order to pass the course.

Relationship with Events

A Class Event represents a live sessions of an Instructor Led Training Component which has a Date, Time, Location and Instructor(s). These can either be Public Classes or Private Engagements. Class Events are either held online as a Live Webinar session or as part of an Event at a particular Location.

In situations where a Contact has purchased a Course containing an Instructor-Led Training Component but there is no Upcoming Classes, the status of the Enrollment will be set to 'Approved'. When a new Public Class Event is available the contact will get an email notification. Contacts can also see a list of recommended Events in which they can enrol in on their Learning Plan. Once a contact has enrolled into a Class Event the status of the enrollment will be 'Confirmed'.

Instructor-Led Training Component Actions

The following table provides an overview of the Actions available on Instructor-Led Training Components.

EnrollmentEnrollmentsThis allows you to enrol a single contact into the Instructor-led Training Component. The enrollment is set to 'Approved' Status and not assigned to an Event. The contact can then go and select an Event they wish to attend.
ResourceResourcesThis allows you to add new Resources into the Instructor-led Training Component. It creates a Resource link for contacts enrolled in the component.

Bundled Instructor-Led Training Course

Bundled Instructor-Led Training course is a course that has more than one ILT course packaged together as one. A typical use case is to package together existing ILTs into a bundled together to be sold as a single course.


How to Create a Bundled Instructor-Led Training Course

  1. Create child ILT courses with normal creation process - typically this step can be skipped if they are already created.

  2. Create a parent ILT with the normal creation process. 

  3. Link child ILTs to parent ILT. On the parent ILT admin view page, scroll down to section 'Bundled Instructor-Led Training'. Click on 'Select' to link child ILT to this parent ILT. 

How It All Fits Together

View How To Create A Multi Module Course for a step by step complete guide to create a full-fledged multi module Course using all Learning Components and Resources types in Learndot Enterprise


A resource can also be added to any Learning Component or Course as supplementary content. There are three types of Resources: