As part of the functionality offered to support consulting and provision of talent, Learndot Enterprise can be used by experts on talent placements to log time for billing. These can then be viewed by Learndot Enterprise staff users to invoice clients.

Tip: Permissions

Timesheet access for staff is controlled by the Timesheet Read/Write permissions.

Using Timesheets


Before a timesheet can be logged by an expert, the following prerequisites must be in place:

  • The expert must be assigned to a Talent Placements
  • The expert must have login privileges, set in the login tab of the Contact properties

Submitting a Timesheet

A timesheet can be submitted by an expert using the following steps:

  • Log into Learndot Enterprise

  • Navigate to the 'My Profile' link
  • Click on the 'Submit a Timesheet' link, which should appear on the profile
  • A screen similar to the one shown on the right should be presented. Fill out the fields and submit it or save it as a draft depending on what you want to do with the timesheet. A link to access draft timesheets will appear on the profile page.

Viewing Expert Timesheets

Learndot Enterprise staff can view timesheets by navigating to Professional Services > Timesheets in the administration panel.

Further Configuration Options

Additional configuration options for timesheets, such as setting the starting day of the working week and the overtime pay rate multiplier, can be read at Talent Placements - Local Configuration Options.