Learndot allows individual consultants and trainers to sign up and potentially become part of your extended team as Experts. The Talent module provides the functionality of being able to recruit external/freelance trainers and consultants, assign them to opportunities they have been deemed suitable for and calculate billing through the timesheets function. 

What are the parts of this module?

The Talent module in Learndot is comprised of the following modules/functions:




Holds information about talent the company has available.

Talent Opportunities

Used to record and manage requests for talent from clients.

Talent Placements

Used to assign experts to a request for talent.


Used by the expert to log their time, and then finance to invoice the client.


Used to provide documents/contracts to an individual expert, and can track if/when they were read and if any terms agreed were to.

How does this module fit together?

From start to finish, the process for getting an outside consultant and having them complete a contract is as follows:

  1. The consultant applies to become an expert and the application is reviewed and approved, or is manually added to the system as an expert if the application process is managed through an external system.

    Pro Tip

    Note that Questionnaires can be integrated into the recruitment process to provide a basic method of assessing the applicants competence and suitability for a role in your organisation.

  2. A client indicates that they require someone to do a piece of work through the 'Request Talent' page.
  3. If the talent request is set to public, consultants can view and apply for the role. If it is set to private, staff would have to contact suitable experts and see who is willing and able to complete the work.
  4. A suitable expert is selected out of the applicants, and a talent placement is manually created by staff from the talent opportunity.
  5. The expert will be emailed a document detailing the logistics of their placement.
    1. Further information can be supplied to the expert by adding Agreements from within the talent placement page.
  6. The expert can log their hours worked in Learndot Enterprise using the Timesheets function.