Assessment Components

Assessment components (previously known as Exam components) provide the capability to link external testing services.


While testing can be created within an eLearning Component, individual Assessment Components can also be created within Learndot Enterprise. These can be either purchased individually or bought within a bundled Course. Assessment Components provide flexibility due to being able to set them within bundled Courses.

Assessments provide integration points with third-party examination services, as well as using other ways to test the learner. Assessment components can be configured to generate Certifications via one of three mechanisms:

  • Use SCORM files that are authored to test the learners, and that return a score
  • Upload your own exam results from any system 
  • Pull in exam results from Kryterion

Creating an Assessment Component

Assessments are created through the administration by following these steps:

Step 1: Create Component Information

Assessment information is created in the first screen, filling a form similar to other entities in Learndot Enterprise.

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Catalog > Learning Components > Assessments
  • Fill up the provided form

To quickly set up an Assessment component, fill in the mandatory fields (marked by an asterisk) only and revisit the component to fill up the other fields on a later note. 

Take Note:

Mandatory fields are Name, Primary Category, and Price

Duration and Visibility if not filled up, the system will fill it up by default (1 minute and visible to everyone).

  • The Duration field is estimative of how long the learner will take to finish the component. It will appear on the component tile on the Learner Dashboard, on the top right corner. 

Step 2: Add Link Resource

After the Assessment component is created, a Link Resource should then be added containing the secure testing link from testing services above. See Link Resources for more information.

  • Navigate to Catalog > Resources > Link Resources
  • Click New, to create a New Link Resource 

  • Fill up the form

  • Click save

Step 3: Importing bulk enrollments to Assessment Component. 

For Administrative purposes, you may want to add multiple enrollments to an Assessment simultaneously, please see the link here. Furthermore, this component also has additional fields available for import to facilitate the certification feature. For more information see /wiki/spaces/DOCS/pages/75891235.

Step 4: Configure Assessment Notifications

Learndot offers Survey and Expiry notifications, which the administrator can configure. These notifications will be triggered based on it's configuration. Click here to learn more about Assessment Notifications.

Viewing Assessment Components

Once an Assessment Component is purchased either individually or as part of a bundled Course, it can be accessed via the Learner Interface. Clicking on the link resource will take the contact to the external exam on the testing service.

Assessment Component Actions

The following table provides an overview of the Actions available on Assessment Components:


This creates a Resource link for contacts enrolled into the Assessment Component. The contact will then be able to view or download the resource as supplementary material when completing the Component.

EnrollmentEnrollmentsThis allows you to enrol a single contact into the Assessment Component. The contact can then go complete the Assessment through their Learning Plan when viewing the Component.


A resource can also be added to any Learning Component or Course as supplementary content. There are three types of Resources:

Pro Tip

View How To Create A Multi Module Course for a step by step complete guide to create a full-fledged multi module Course using all Learning Components and Resources types in Learndot Enterprise