Engagements (Private Course Events) represent private training sessions purchased by organizations wishing to have a group of employees undertake a training course. Non-public classes are typically handled as Engagements.


MainThe main section contains information about the event that are recommended or required to be filled out in order to create a engagement.
EngagementEngagement section defines registration details about the class such as pricing, capacity and availability of snacks and equipment, etc.
IntegrationsThe Integration section contains information about the connectivity with other add-ons.



StatusState of the engagement: Tentative, Confirmed, Complete, Cancelled, External
Instructor Led TrainingSelect the Instructor Led Training.
Start Date & TimeStart day and time of the class.
Enrollment Close DateDate when the enrollment is closed.
LocationPlace where the class is or will be held.
InstructorInstructor assigned to the engagement.

Organizer of the class.

ProviderProviderof the class.
Duration in MinutesTotal number minutes of the class (480 minutes = 8 hour class).
Repeat (days)Number of days the class will be held.




PriceThe normal price of the engagement.
Tax JurisdictionUsed when specifying from which location is the Tax going to be charged.
Training Opportunities
Point of Contact
Technical ContactTechnical contact if any.
AccountThe engagement account if any.
Registration CodeEngagement Code to use in registration process.


Salesforce Reference ID

Enter the Salesforce Reference ID for Integration.


Adding Resources to an Engagement

Digital Resources can be added to support the engagement.

See Digital Resources for more information about how to manage resources.

Subscribing to the Engagement 

An Engagement can be subscribed with iCalendar.

See Subscribing to Course Schedules with iCalendar for more information for subscribing to events.

Other Actions



Standard OperationsThe Enagegments entity supports all of the Entity Actions.


Link to the assessment URL for this engagement.

SurveyLink to the survey URL for this engagement.
Email Event

Sends a copy of the registration information to each participant on this class, the contents of the email is configurable via the registration_info email notification template.

Engagements Flow

Engagements are created from training opportunities. So, the typical flow is:

Engagements are similar to Public Classes except they do not accept registrations and are typically for a single organisations. Check out this page to learn more about adding a resource to an Engagement.

Creating Engagements 

To create an engagement:

  • Log into Learndot as as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Events > Engagements
  • Click on the New button:

  • Fill up the provided form, and hit Save:

  • Remember that you can create the code yourself by editing that field, or you can leave the system to generate a random one for you:

Once you save, make sure you copy the Engagement Registration URL and the Registration Code and share it with the ones that should have access to it.

User Experience

Once the user receives the URL and passcode to register for that Engagement, they'll see a screen for them to add the Registration Code:

By adding the code, the user will go through the normal experience of registering, the same as registering for a public class: they will see the details of the ILT and they can click on the Register button to go on with the registration process.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do finished classes do not become 'Completed' automatically?

Classes are handled by instructors, who can close them from the Instructor Interface. Doing so automatically changes the status to 'Completed.' Though class status can still be manually updated.

How It All Fits Together