Navigation Links


Navigation Links are used to build the menu structure and bread-crumbs of Learndot.


Each Navigation Link refers to a particular Page in Learndot. The Main-Menu structure can be easily modified and customized within the Admin Dashboard removing the need to edit code. A Parent / Child hierarchy is used to provide the flexibility for additional sub-menus.

ParentReference to the Parent Navigation Link. Used for Parent-Child Hierarchy
EnabledAbility to Enable or Disable to display the Navigation Link.
LabelThe Label the Navigation Link will display on the front-end.
URLThe URL of the Navigation Link.
CSS ClassAbility to Reference Custom CSS class.

Specifies where to open the Navigation Link:

  •  _blank -  Opens in a new window or tab
  • _self - Opens in the same frame as it was clicked (this is default)
  • _parent - Opens in the parent frame
  • _top - Opens in the full body of the window
Order NumberDefines the order in which the Navigation Link will appear in the Menu.

Creating Navigation Links

Navigation Links are created and modified in the Admin Dashboard, to do so:

  • Navigate to System > Contents > Nav Links
  • Click on New to create a new navigation link

  • Fill up the form. Make sure you set Enabled to Yes 
  • Press Save