eLearning Components

eLearning Components provide the capability to deliver learning to an online audience without the need for running individual Class Events. There are a number of different types of eLearning that can be delivered such as interactive slideshows, video tutorials, audio commentary and quizzes using SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) which is a collection of standards and specifications for delivering web-based eLearning.

There are one type of eLearning content that can be uploaded to a eLearning Component:

  • SCORM packages - A package containing eLearning Content which complies to key eLearning Standards.

Content is created in eLearning authoring software tools such as Adobe® Captivate® 7 and exported as a SCORM package as an archive (.zip). This package is then uploaded to an eLearning Component. Contacts can then enrol and complete the content in their own time. Quizzes are also marked and Learndot Enterprise tracks how much time enrollments spend completing the eLearning and how many attempts they have made.

Creating eLearning Components

eLearning are created through the Admin Dashboard by an Administrator or a Staff member with the right set of privileges. Creating an eLearning component is a two-step process:

  •  Create component information 
  •  Add content to the component.

Before creating an eLearning Component make sure you have exported your SCORM Package in a compatible file version and it is archived in .zip file format. Refer to your Authoring Tool user-guide to find out how to export as SCORM and save it to your local disk. 

Create component information

Ensure that you are logged in as an Administrator or a staff member. Navigate to:

  • Catalog > Learning Components > eLearning > Click New to create a new eLearning Component

  • Fill in the form similar to other entities in order to create the eLearning component:

Take Note:

Mandatory fields are Name, Primary Category, and Price

Duration and Visibility if not filled up, the system will fill it up by default (1 minute and visible to everyone).

  • The Duration field is estimative of how long the learner will take to finish the component. It will appear on the component tile on the Learner Dashboard, on the top right corner. 
  • Success! You have successfully created an eLearning component. It's time to add some content to the eLearning Component


Add content 

SCORM Packages (.zip) are uploaded to the eLearning Component by using the "Upload SCORM Package" Action.

Take Note:

Things you should know:

  • Only 1 SCORM Package can be uploaded per eLearning Component. If you have more than one SCORM Package, please create multiple eLearning Components.
  • New Uploads of SCORM Packages will overwrite previous ones on existing eLearning Components.

Pro Tip:

  • It is recommended when exporting SCORM Packages that version numbers are added to the file archives (.zip) to avoid uploading outdated SCORM Packages.
  • It is also recommended that your SCORM Packages with multiple videos have each video with 250MB size as a maximum, to avoid performance issues.

For illustration purposes, let's upload a SCORM 1.2 file (.ZIP) using the "Upload SCORM Package" option. 

  • Choose and select the SCORM file from your local disk

  • Press Save and the upload will begin. You will be brought back to the eLearning page once the upload has finished. 

A success message will be shown upon successful association of the SCORM package with the eLearning component. 

Marked Complete By 

The administrator can configure who can mark an eLearning component as complete, and under which conditions.  This setting will apply once a learner has enrolled into the eLearning Component and starts viewing it. 

Learner can mark complete

Learner sees the "Complete" call to action at all times, and can mark themselves complete at any time. The administrator can continue to mark the learner complete at any time.

In a scenario where there is a quiz attached to the eLearning component, do not use this option. Instead, make sure that the "Mark complete by" field is set at "Learner cannot mark complete; needs to complete the eLearning".

Learner cannot mark complete; only an administrator can

Learner never sees the "Complete" call to action at any time, and can never mark themselves complete.

Only the administrator can mark the learner as complete at any time.

Learner cannot mark complete; needs to complete the eLearning

Learner only sees the "Complete" call to action after they have completed the SCORM package* associated to the eLearning Component; after that point, LD will mark them "Complete" automatically.

The administrator can continue to mark the learner complete at any time.

This option only applies for SCORM packages. Before selecting this option, please ensure the SCORM package is designed to return a completion status.

Configure eLearning Notifications

Learndot offers Survey and Expiry notifications, which the administrator can configure. These notifications will be triggered based on it's configuration. Click here to learn more about eLearning Notifications.

Viewing eLearning Components

eLearning Components can be purchased individually or as part of a bundled Course. Once a Contact is enrolled into the eLearning Component it will appear within their Learner Dashboard.

The eLearning Component can then be launched by clicking on Launch. Time Spent on the eLearning Component is also shown.

Progress is recorded and once it is complete a Badge will be displayed in My Awards section.

Example SCORM Package

SCORM Packages can contain slideshows, videos, voice commentary and quizzes. Once enrolled into the eLearning Component, Contacts can launch the SCORM Package and start the training. A popup box will appear and launch the SCORM package within an interactive window. Depending on how it has been configured, chapters or modules can be selected and a quiz can be completed accordingly. The overall score of the quiz is recorded if present and the enrollment Status will change to 'Complete' if the eLearning Component passed.


eLearning Component Actions


This links a Resource for contacts enrolled into the eLearning Component. Enrollments will be able to view or download the resource as supplementary learning material when viewing the Component from their Learner Dashboard.


This allows you to enroll a single contact into the Component. The contact will then be able to access the component from their Learner Dashboard.

Upload SCORM PackageSCORM

This action allows you to upload a SCORM package for the eLearning Component.

In order to purchase or enroll a contact into an eLearning component, a SCORM package must first be created for that eLearning Component.

Terminology - What are the differences between eLearning Components and Courses?

eLearning ComponentAn interactive Course consist only a SCORM package.
CourseA Course is the content covered in a number of Learning Components. A course is made up of modules, sections and Learning Components associated with them. A user can purchase a course and complete each part in order to pass the course.

A Resource is content which can be added to a Learning Component. A resource can also be added to any component as supplementary content. There are three types of Resources:

  • Digital Resources - Consists of any content (such as .docx, .pdf, .exe) which is downloadable by a contact.
  • Link Resources - Consists of a link to an URL that the contact should browse to.
  • Virtual Machine Resources - A virtual machine provided by Skytap to provide a learning environment for students.

Compatible SCORM Package Versions

The SCORM Engine within Learndot Enterprise supports a number of versions. Here is the list of versions that are supported when exported as a SCORM package:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 "2nd Edition"
  • SCORM 2004 "3rd Edition"
  • SCORM 2004 "4th Edition"

The SCORM engine does not support SCORM 2004 editions which are exported with "sequencing" enabled. 

Take note that it is dependent on the browsers compatibility with Flash (.swf) and HTML5 technologies to display content

Useful Reports

To get an overview report of your students progress, including score and minutes/seconds spent you can go to <instance home>/ admin/e_learning_session/search.html

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A resource can also be added to any Learning Component or Course as supplementary content. There are three types of Resources: