Migrate to Stripe Connect


Stripe Connect is a new Payment Gateway offered by Learndot that takes the manual configuration out of setting up a payment gateway.

Before you Begin

This tutorial outlines how to move from a standard Stripe payment gateway which has been manually configured, to a new Stripe Connect gateway. If you have not previously configured any payment gateways you will not need this tutorial. Instead view our Payment Gateways documentation for more information on configuring gateways.

Launch Upgrade Wizard

Previously configured gateways can be found on the Payment Gateways configuration screen under System in the Learndot administration. Note any configured Stripe payment gateways.

Note the UPGRADE TO STRIPE CONNECT link, which will launch the upgrade wizard.

Sign in with Stripe to Connect

The wizard will prompt you for your stripe login details in order to complete the upgrade and store the required Stripe payment gateway configuration in Learndot. Click SIGN IN WITH STRIPE CONNECT

It is expected that you'll be redirected back to marketplace.servicerocket.com on completion, per the footer in the screenshot above.

Confirm New Payment Gateway

On completion of the wizard you'll see the payment gateway Type has changed to STRIPE CONNECT. We recommend running a quick test transaction to make sure everything has migrated successfully.


That's it! If you have any questions or issue during the migration process, please contact our Learndot Support team.

Not migrating an existing payment gateway to stripe connect? Follow Configuring Stripe Payments (Automatically with Connect)