Templates are entities with a main content area of Dynamic Content using Freemarker mark-up which define a view (or template) to be used throughout Learndot. Templates are used to create views for emails, certificates, public site sections, etc.

Configuring Templates

The following table outlines the key components required for creating a new template.

NameA descriptive name used to identify this template.No
TypeThe context the template will be used in. E.g. Email, Certificate, Agreement, etc.No
SubjectThe rendered title (or subject in the case of email templates) for the template.Yes
ContentThe main content of the template. The included entity can be referenced with the target keywordYes
Supported Entity TypesThe types of entities which this template will support as a targetNo

To edit a Default Template:

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Go to System > Contents > Templates
  • Search on the template. For illustration purposes, search on "email.template.order.puppet"
  • Click on the edit icon

Email Templates

Currently only triggers are able to use email templates. All other emails sent from Learndot must still be configured through System Settings.

Previewing Templates

You can preview templates with test data prior to use to ensure all mark-up is properly formed and formatting is correct. To do this

  • View the template you wish to preview
    • Go to System > Contents > Templates
    • Click on the view icon of the Template
  • Select Preview Template from the list of actions in the sidebar

  • Select a Contact entity
  • Select a Target entity. This represents the entity that would be used to populate values on the template

  • Press Preview

Default templates

In the next few versions of Learndot Enterprise watch to see default templates become available for you to customise and configure.Learndot now provides default templates for you to customize and configure.