Tax Calculation - Configuration Testing

To verify your tax configurations, we provide a testing interface where you can input the necessary information and it will, based on your current tax settings, calculate the taxes applied on the item.

Accessing the Testing Interface

To access this interface:

  • Go to any purchasable item in administration (eg course, class or product). For illustration purposes, we chose Products.
    • Navigate to Catalog > Products
    • Choose a purchasable Product, and click on the view icon 
  • Click on the "Verify Tax" link under OTHER in the right hand menu

Testing Inputs

On the tax configuration testing interface, you can specify the details of the order as appropriate, this includes the following details:

  • The customer's Tax ID (eg. TFN, VAT)
  • The customer's address
  • The shipping address
  • The billing address

Once filled out, simply click the Submit button to view the tax details.


In the screenshot below, the address fields has been hidden to save space, in the real system you will be provided within inputs for multiple fields for each address (eg. Street, city, region, country, etc.)


Based on the inputs specified above as well as the tax configurations, the following details are outputted, this summarizes the item being purchased, the address and tax ID being used, as well as the resultant tax rates and how the calculations came about.