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A Learning Plan is an individual users plan for their learning. A Contact can add available items such as Courses or Learning Components to their learning plan and track their progress. Suggested Dates and Enrollment links are also provided for the user.


This feature is slated to be upgraded. To investigate if this feature can work for you as-is (or to remove it from your Administrator view), please contact us using our success portal.


If you want to disable this feature system-wide, you can turn it off by going to System Settings and changing the value of "contact.learning.plan.enabled".

Adding Components to My Learning Plan

Learning Components are added to a Contacts Learning Plan by clicking on the Add to Learning Plan Action when viewing a Component on the front end website.

  • Click on the learning component you would like to add to your plan
  • You can now view the component and its details
  • Scroll Down, on left pane, click Add to Plan  

  • You will be directed to Your Account, and the learning component you chose will be added under curriculum tab

These items (Learning Pathways, Learning Components and Courses) will then appear within the Contacts My Learning Plan.

Deleting Items from My Learning Plan

Items can be deleted from a contacts Learning Plan by clicking on the star next to each item. Items can be deleted before starting the Learning Plan. Items can also be shuffled accordingly.

Viewing My Learning Plan

Contacts can view their Learning Plan through there User Profile under Curriculum. The overall progress of the Contacts Learning Plan and the progress and enrollment status of each item is also displayed.

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways can be added to a Contacts Learning Plan. Learning Pathways that the Contact has added can be seen showing the overall progress of each Learning Pathway. Each item within the Learning Pathway is also added to the contacts Learning Plan.

Course Calendar

When a Contact has enrolled into or added a Course to their learning plan with an Instructor-Led Training Component, recommended Public Class Events will appear within their Training Calendar which Contacts can enrol into.

Target Dates

Target Dates can be set to guide the Contact in how long it will take to complete each of the items within their Learning Plan. It also provides a recommended time-frame goal to complete their Learning Plan. A Date will be suggested for each item within the Learning Plan based on order and enrolment details.

Viewing Learning Plans in Admin Dashboard

Learning Plans are also displayed within the Admin Dashboard. Each Users Learning Plan can be viewed and accessed by Staff.

  • Log into Learrndot as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Catalog > Certifications > Learning Plans
  • Select the desired Learning Plan from the list 

Items and Related Pathways can be viewed. As with other entities, they can also be searched using Learndot's Searching features.

Email Notifications

When a Contact adds an Instructor-Led Training Component to their Learning Plan this highlights that they are interested in enrolling into the Component. If there are no Upcoming Classes available for the Instructor-Led Training, an email notification will be sent out when a new Public Class is available.

Terminology - What are the differences between Learning Plans, Pathways and Components?

Learning PlanA Learning Plan is an individual users plan for their learning. A Contact can add available items such as components to their learning plan and track their progress. Suggested Dates and Enrolement links are also provided for the user.
Learning PathwayContains many Courses, which can be compulsory or optional. Very much like a University degree with a compulsory core of certain courses and a quota of optional elective courses.
Learning ComponentsA piece of learning material within a course. A section contains 1 or more Learning Components within a course.

My Learning Plan Actions

The following table provides an overview of the Actions available on My Learning Plan.

Add to My Learning PlanAdd a Learning Pathway, Course or Learning Component to the contacts Learning Plan.
Suggest Target DatesSuggests target dates for Learning Plan items. Calculation is from the specified 'Start Date'.
Clear Target DatesClears all Learning Plan Items target dates.
StartContact is ready to begin Learning Plan. Mark the plan starting date and auto-calculate completion dates for items without a date.
StopStops the Learning Plan progress. Contacts can then modify their Learning Plan items order and completion dates.

Disabling Learning Plan

To disable Learning Plan feature across the application:

  • Navigate to System > Setup > System Settings
  • Look for "contact.learning.plan.enabled" system setting using the search bar at the top of the screen

  • Click on the Edit icon to disable this system setting
  • Toggle Enabled switch to OFF, and hit Save

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