Learndot allows users to schedule classes at specific locations. Locations are the place where the class will take place, it helps to manage information such as site (online, onsite), time zone, capacity, food provided, and various other common attributes.


IDThe autogenerated unique identifier of the location.
NameName of location.
TypeIndicates whether this location is PrivatePublic or Shared. A Shared location can be selected by multiple Providers when scheduling courses through the provider interface.
OnlineIndicates if this location has a physical presence. When set to Yes removes the Address and Location Defaults fields.
ProviderThe provider of the location.
Time ZoneThe region time zone of the location. Make sure you use the name of the continent + the name of the city time zone (e.g. "America/New York" instead of "US/Eastern". To learn more, click here.

Indicates the number of participants this location can hold.

Note: Each class has a capacity. Upon creation of a class, it's capacity generally defaults to the capacity of the location, i.e. if default is 1, the capacity is set to 1. Updating a location's capacity does not automatically set all classes that are using that location. The capacity of existing classes will need to be amended manually.

DescriptionA description of the location
ContactThe point of contact of the location.
NotesAny other notes regarding this location.
AddressThe particulars of where the place is located at.
DirectionsDirections for attendees to reach the location.
AccommodationDetails of accommodation for the location.
Equipment ProvidedWhether equipment is provided in this location.
Refreshments ProvidedWhether refreshments are provided in this location.
Snacks ProvidedWhether snacks are provided in this location.
Food ProvidedWhether food is provided in this location.
URL PathA few words that describe this entity. Leave blank to auto-generate.
Visible ToWho can see this Location.
Order NumberThe purchase order number associated with this location.

Creating Locations

To create a new Locations:

  • Navigate to Events > Training > Locations
  • Click New to create a new location

  • Fill up the provided form and hit Save. 

Time Zones

Some time zones are deprecated and should not be picked up when choosing the time zone for the Location. Please refer to this page to check further information.

Assigning Location to Classes

Location can be added to a class by either selecting an existing location or creating a new one.

When a class has been assigned with a location, it will inherit the following attributes from location, although they can still be edited manually on the individual class itself:

  • Public
  • Equipment Provided
  • Refreshments Provided
  • Snack Provided
  • Food Provided
  • Capacity


Setting online attribute on the location to yes will hide the following sections from the location edit form:

  • Address
  • Location Defaults

Location Features

Learndot allows Locations to be associated with a set of features configured from multi-select checkboxes. These locations feature are defined in Training - Location Features under the admin side menu, each feature can be public or private.