Training Opportunities


Training opportunities is a module made for tracking future opportunities that can lead to future engagements, providing the opportunity for customers to request private classes with special requests.

Component Stages

As a tracking mechanism for possible classes, training opportunities have different stages explained in the following table.


First clue of information for an opportunity.


Opportunity with chances of being converted in engagement.

SellingIn process of being converted in engagement.
WonOpportunity won and ready to be processed in an engagement.
LostOpportunities that got lost for several reason like competition, can't deliver, over budget, don't know or other reason.
BogusSpams, pranks or fake training opportunities.

Creating a training opportunity

There are two ways to create a training opportunity, trough the administration panel or the website.

Administration Panel

In the administrator menu:

  • Go to Customers > Training Opportunities
  • Click on the New button

  • Fill up the form

  • Click Save


To create a training opportunity through the website:

  • Fill in the information for the possible class to create a new training opportunity

If you are logged in, your email and name will be prefilled:


Viewing a training opportunity

Training opportunities are displayed in the administrator menu under Customers > Training Opportunities

Relationship with Engagements

Engagements represent private training sessions that usually comes from a training opportunity so when and administrator creates an Engagement event, one of the fields is the training opportunity that this engagement class come from.

Training Opportunities Actions

The following table provides an overview of the Actions available on Training Opportunities.

EmailAllows a staff user to send this training opportunity information via email.

To send an email for the training oportunties:

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Go to Customers > Training Opportunities
  • Click on the view icon of any training Opportunities 
  • Click Edit

  • Add additional recipients if you wish to, email subject and type your message 
  • And hit Send


MainThe main section contains in which stage is the opportunity, who owns the opportunity, value and expected close date.
CustomerInformation of the contact and the organization related to the opportunity.
TrainingInformation of the possible event like which Instructor Led Training Class is going to be taught.

Shows the approximate and minimum number of participants for the possible engagement along with the experience and objectives information.

FeesShows the additional fee per participant and also the expenses fee.
CommentsShows all comments (e-mails) .
HistoryShows user system information such as creation date, modification date, etc.
EngagementsShows all the engagements result of the training opportunity.




The actual stage of the opportunity.

OwnerContact who is in charge of this opportunity.
ValueHow much the possible class could cost.
Expected Close DateDate that this opportunity is expected to become obsolete.


CustomerContact related to this opportunity.
Customer OrganizationAccount related to the opportunity.



Type of the class , could be onsite or public.

Instructor Led TrainingInstructor Led Training Class requested for this opportunity.
CategoriesKnowledge Category related to this opportunity.
Requested CustomizationAny extra customization that the customer could ask.
Approximate DurationEstimated duration of the possible engagement .
Actual DurationReal duration of the engagement.
LocationLocation of the event.
Time-frameSpecific time when the future class could take place, like next week, 1 month, 3 month , etc.


Number of Participants (Approximate)Number of possible enrollments of the class.
Number of Participants (Minimum)Minimum of enrollments required for the class.
ExperienceExperience required for this possible engagement.
ObjectivesObjectives that can be achieved with the possible engagement.


Additional Participant FeeExtra fee per participant.
Expenses FeeExpenses fee of the class.


Standard OperationsThe Leads entity supports all of the Entity Actions.
EmailAllows a staff user to send a message to the customer trough email.