Order Lines


An Order Line is an individual line item contained within an Order, it describes a single item that the customer is trying to purchase, for example, if they are buying a Product and a Class, then there will be 2 Order Lines, one for the Product and one for the Class, likewise, if there they are buying 2 of the same Product, it will actually have 2 Order Lines with the same Product, the reason this is the case is so that discounts and tax can be tracked for each item.

To create/edit an order line:

  • Login to the Administration UI.
  • Navigate to Payments > Orders > Order Lines.
  • Click New, to create a new order line.
    Or, click on the order line's ID to edit it.

Each Order line contains the following fields:

OrderThe order that the Order Line belongs to
PriceThe price of the item, this is automatically determined by the system based on the item they are buying and any Purchasable Rules configured for the item they are buying
TaxThe tax applied to the item, this is automatically determined based on the details of the Order and Order Line using the Tax rate configurations.
TargetThe item they are trying to purchase, could be a Class, a Course, an Engagement or a Product
OptionsThis is the user submitted values for the configured options for the item they are purchasing.
DiscountsThe discounts that has been applied to the Order Line, this reduce the net price for this Order Line and could be as a result of a Coupon / Rule or a manual adjustment
CommentsThe comments on the order item, this includes manually added comments from the administrator as well as email notifications related to the Order Line (such as registration information emails and item download emails)
Digital ContentsThe Digital Contents related to the Order Line, Digital Content is typically generated as part of the fulfilment process for digital content (eg license keys).

Order Discounts 

An order discount is a discount on a specific Order Line, each Order Line can contain many Order Discounts, the Discounts could be a result of a Coupon/Rule or simple a manual adjustment to the price by an administrator.