Viewing Progress of Learning Pathways

A user can view and keep track of their personal progress seeing information such as how many /wiki/spaces/DOCS/pages/74416346 are left to complete the Learning Pathway.

View Progress for a Learning Pathway

  1. Login to the Front-End of Learndot Enterprise and click on the My Account Button.
  2. The My Account Page will Appear displaying all Currently Enrolled or Purchased Pathways. Each step is also shown with its current status. Click on the title of the Pathway to view the /wiki/spaces/DOCS/pages/74416346.
  3. An overview of your Progress on the Pathway will Appear. Steps that are Green with a Tick represent that the Step has been completed.
  4. Once all Steps have been completed your Pathway overview will all be coloured green with ticks highlighting that the Pathway is complete.
  5. The Learning Pathway will also appear on the My Account page as complete.
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