Enrolments for a Learning Pathway

Enrolments for a Learning Pathway can be managed within the Learning Pathway View in the Admin Dashboard. The Learning Pathway View displays contacts who have CompletedFailed, In Progress, Canceled and those who are currently enrolled with a Confirmed status.

Enrolments for a Learning Pathway

To view enrolments for a particular Learning Pathway:

  1. Log in to the Admin Dashboard and select Catalog > Learning Pathways
  2. Click on a Learning Pathway within the list
  3. Scroll down to the Enrolments Section which will display enrollees on the Learning Pathway's level. 

    IDEnrollment Id for the contact who has been enrolled to the Learning pathway
    ContactContact's name
    CompanyContact's company

    The Learning Pathway's name

    StatusEnrollee's status(Confirmed, In Progress, Complete, Failed, Missed, Cancelled)
    Enrollment DateContact's enrollee date and time in PST time zone

    View the enrollment 

    Edit the enrollment

    Note that enrolment can't be deleted, instead, it is possible to set them to Canceled status.

View all Enrolments

  1. To View, all enrolments click on the Search button.

  2. The Enrolment View screen appears displaying a list of all Enrolments within the Learning Pathway

Export Enrolments

  1. It is possible to Export the enrolments information by clicking on the Export button, and a CSV file will be downloaded

  2. In the CSV file, more additional information will be presented(Contact Id, Contact Email, Organization Id, Organization Name, Learning Pathway Id)

Import Enrolments

With import help, this is possible to add bulk enrolments to the Learning Pathway. 

To know how to add bulk enrolments to the targeted Learning Pathway, proceed to Enrollments documentation and locate Adding Bulk enrollments via CSV Importer and follow the provided steps.

Create Enrolments

To create new enrolments

  1. Click on the New button

  2. On the next page, choose the contact from the drop-down list and click the Save button. 

Refer Creating Learning Pathways and Steps for more information on creating Learning Pathways and Steps.

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