Staff Roles & Permissions


Staff Role feature allows you to configure roles and permission sets for the contacts in Learndot. 

Different contacts require different permissions depending on their needs. For example, As an Administrator you don't want any user to be able to delete or remove other contacts, through the Staff Roles feature you will be able to restrict contacts and grant them permissions as needed. However, there is a huge number of permissions in Learndot, to simplify the process of granting permissions to users, Learndot Staff Role feature allows you to create different roles, each with different permission sets as the role requires and assign users to particular Roles. 

For more information on available permissions click here.






If a role is marked not enabled, users can still be assigned to it, and users currently in the role will not be removed from it. However, having the role will cease to provide access to the Learndot administrative section.


The name to give to the new role.

Finance Manager


A brief description of the new role.

Oversees the financial operation of the company.


This contains a listing of all the permissions available in Learndot and allows any combination of them to be picked.


Adding a Contact to a Staff Role

This action can typically only be performed by Learndot Administrator staff role users. Specifically, the following permissions must be enabled for the users performing this action:

  • Staff Role Read Permission
  • Staff Role Write Permission
  • Ensure the staff user is created. Refer to Creating a Staff User
  • Enable Staff to Yes within the Contact screen

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to System > Access & Security > Staff Roles and select the Staff Role in question
  • Scroll to Contacts section

  • Click on Select

  • In the field that appears, type in user's name to get a list of matching contact. Select from the contact from the list. Click on Add after contact selection

  • A prompt notification appears if contact is successfully added to the Staff Role

After adding a staff role to a user, the user may need to relogin for permissions to take effect.