Entity Actions

An entity in Learndot is a representation of a 'thing', such as a Contact, a Course or a Location. Entities, and the relationships between them form the backbone of Learndot. 


This page describes some of the common operations that can be performed using these entities, please refer to the Entities documentation for more details about the fields and behaviors of each specific type of entity.

Creating Entities

When first logging in, on the top navigation bar in the Admin Dashboard you will see links to a variety of high level categories. Each category is a dropdown menu which will expand when clicking on it, to show you a list of entity types under that high level category. Clicking on one of the entity types will take you to a page showing a result set comprising of every instance of that entity.

At the top left of each of these pages is the New button, which allows you to create a new entity, as seen in the screenshot below:

Viewing/Editing Entities

Once an entity has been created, it can then be viewed or edited to review or modify its properties.

To view an entity click on the entity icon, as show in the screenshot below:

To edit an entity click on the edit icon, as shown in the screenshot below:

Cloning Entities

Cloning from entity view

The Clone button is found on the right side bar under UPDATE when viewing an entity. Pressing 'Clone' will take the user to a page containing a 'Create' form prefilled with the details of the entity being cloned. This can be saved to create a clone of the entity.

Cloning while creating entities

You can also clone as you create, making the creation of a group of similar entities far quicker. Simply select the 'Save and Clone' action from the dropdown menu attached to the Save button while in the create form for an entity. Learndot will save the entity and then take you back to the editing screen, each field pre-populated with the cloned values.

Reordering entities

Learndot entities such as ProductsCoursesEvents can be reordered to display on the front-end manually by using the Reorder function inside the Learndot Admin console. Reorder allows the user to view entities in a single list and rearrange them by dropping and dragging them. To reorder entities:

  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to Search on the top far right hand side within a search results page
  • Select Reorder

  • Once you are in the reordering interface, simply drag-and-drop the items within the list to the desired order
  • Press the Reorder button to save your changes.