Supported Browsers


All Learndot interfaces (such as the AdministratorInstructorProvider and Learner Interfaces) and SCORM Packages are supported by these browsers listed below.

Launching Learndot or SCORM Packages

Since Learndot and SCORM packages are launched using Web browsers, it is very important that they are launched only using the supported Web browsers in order to provide an unruffled experience. See the list of Web browsers below that are able to run Learndot and/or SCORM packages without any disruptions.

Failure to select the correct Web browser (and version) will lead to an irregular display and behaviour of Learndot and/or the SCORM Packages.

Supported Web Browsers List

The below chart was created to elaborate the compatibility of Learndot and SCORM packages on major browser vendors. The following is considered a baseline versioning test. The tests verify both compatibility and an uninterrupted experience with major browser vendors. 

Any browser version that is lower than the versions quoted below may have a faulty or intermittent experience. 

Web BrowsersDescriptionLearndot CompatibilitySCORM Compatibility

Google Chrome

    • Latest stable version supported. 

    • Verified with version 53.0 onward

Mozilla Firefox
    • Latest stable version supported
    • Verified with 49.0 onward
    • Latest stable version supported on Mac OS X 10.2 and higher
    • Verified with version 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 onward
Microsoft Internet Explorer 
    • Latest stable version supported
    • Verified with Edge 13 and Internet Explorer 11.0 onward