Location Features


Represents your training program's special features for the physical location of the training. This setting is per training location. Create a location then publicly display, or not, the features on the catalog page.



NameSpecifies the location name.

The location type can be selected fro the dropdown menu:

  • Private
  • Public 
  • Shared
OnlineIs useful for online learning and where there's no physical location.
ProviderAn organization that provides courses, in which the user is associated with.
Time ZoneLocal time and country of the created location.


The location capacity which specifies the maximum number of attendees.
NotesAny additional information or notes to be taken.

Select a contact by id, email address, first or last name. Only one value can be shared at a time.


AddressThe location's full address and address type.
DirectionsAny other descriptive information on the location address.

Locations Defaults

Equipment ProvidedIs all equipment required to perform the hands-on parts of this class provided at this location? This is only applicable for offline locations.
Refreshments ProvidedIs coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks or water provided at this location? This is only applicable for offline locations.
Snacks Provided Are snacks typically provided at this location? This is only applicable for offline locations
Food ProvidedWill food be provided at lunch time? This is only applicable for offline locations.


URL PathFew words that describes this entity. may be left blank for auto-generate.
Visible To

Specifies to whom this URL is visible, and has 4 options: 

  • Everyone
  • Everyone with URL
  • Only signed n users
  • No one
Order NumberControls the ordering of entities on the website. Higher values appear lower in the list.

Adding Location Features 

  • Log into Learndot as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Events > Training > Locations
  • Click on the desired location name View icon
  • Scroll down to Features. Choose Select

  • Key in the input box and choose the feature you like