Instructor Interface


The instructor interface provides a single interface for instructors of classes to track and manage them. Only contacts set as approved Instructor can access the dashboard. To set a contact as Instructor, refer to Contacts.

Instructor UI

The instructor interface can be accessed from the user profile menu.

  • Detailed view of a particular class can be seen by clicking into the calendar entry. The Instructor can now:
      • Mark Attendance
      • Enrol a person
      • Close the ILT session
      • Send a custom Email to all or some of the Learners 
      • Generate attendance report - Which exports the Attendance as CSV file

      • Send Surveys 



NOTE: Marking attendance changes an Enrollment status to "Completed" hence it will trigger a Proof of Completion if either the "Public Class" or "Engagement" have them configured. If it's a multi-day event, please only mark the attendance on the last day of the Event.

Provides instructors with attendance lists of the participants on a particular class along with their information. To mark the participants attended:

  • Click on Attendance at the right sidebar;
  • You will be provided with a form of all enrolled learners. Click on the checkbox of the attended learners, and hit Save:

Once this is done, learners receive the Proof of Completion (if the event is set to have it), and the Instructor can download the list of Attendance by going back to the main Instructor page, and clicking on "Attendance Report":


Allows instructors to send emails to the Learners to remind, update them regarding the Instructor-Led Training Event or update the status of Enrollments for their event.

It sends a copy of the registration information or a custom message by Email to each participant on this class.

  • Click on Email at the right sidebar

  • Type your message to be sent to the Learners, choose whether to include the session details or not, and hit Send

  • The Learners will receive the Email in a format shown below


Instructors can enroll learners in their public classes. Simply: 

  • Click Enroll at the right sidebar

  • Fill learners emails and names in the form, and hit Save


Closes the event and sets the status to completed.


It is a link to the survey URL for that particular public class.