Discount Restrictions


This is a configuration on Discount Rules (Coupons / Rules) which allows you to restrict them to be only available to certain items, when a Coupon / Rule is applied to an Order, it will go through all of the Items within the order for all items that match and if the conditions are met, it will apply the discount(s) to the matching Items within the Order, in the case of Flat Discount Coupons/Rules, it will split the discount across the matching Items according to the price of the Items, for details on how the splitting is applied and the reason it is split, please see the Splitting Flat Discounts section.

For a list of available types of discount restrictions, please see the Discount Restrictions section below:


Discount Restrictions



Matches everything


This allows you to specify 2 or more Discount Restrictions, only items matching all conditions will pass, eg. Item price must be greater than $10 USD and the Item must be a Product


This allows you to specify 2 more or Discount Restrictions, items matching any of the conditions will pass, eg. Item must be a Product or the Item must be a Course

Item Within Quantity

The number of items they are buying must be within a certain range, you can configure the quantity range for this restriction (minimum and maximum quantity)

Item Within Price Range

The price for the item must be within a specific range, you can configure the price range for this restriction (minimum and maximum price)

Item Target Matches Condition

The item they are purchasing must match a specific condition, for example, the item they are buying must be a Product

Created Date

The item must be added to the order within a specific period, you can configure the date range for this restriction (start and end date)

Once Per Order

The discount only applies once for the entire order.

Splitting Flat Discounts

When a Flat Discount is applied, it will be split across the matching items based on the price of the item, the reason this is done is mainly for reporting purposes, having the discount being tracked on each item, it is possible to gather information such as net price (price after discount) and calculate tax on this.

Example Splitting:

  • Item A - $50
  • Item B - $100
  • Flat Discount - $15

When the discount is applied, it becomes:

  • Item A - $50 ($5 discount) -> $45 net
  • Item B - $100 ($10 discount) -> $90 net

Restrict based on Customer Attributes

Administrators can now specify discount rules based on the attributes of the customer. They are:

  • Contact's email
  • Contact's email domain
  • Contact's (staff) roles
  • Contact's department
  • Contact's account (organisation)

To configure such a rule:

  • Head to Payments > DiscountsCoupons / Rules.
  • Hit the New button

  • You will be presented with the screen below:

The above screen shots have configured a coupon that can only be used with users who meet all the following requirements:

  1. Someone who has the role of an "Administrator".
  2. Whose email domain (the part after the @) is exactly "".
  3. Whose email address starts with "test@" (this basically locks it down to only, combined with the rules above.
  4. Whose account is "ServiceRocket".
  5. Whose department's name contains the word "Engineering".

The people matching all the criteria gets 10% off.

Once configured, you will be presented with the screen as below, which spells out the conditions in a friendlier way.

If you're familiar with coupons, you will know that the rules can be repeated as many times as the administrator needs them to be. They can also be combined in a similar way with existing rules.