Learning Pathways

A Learning Pathway is a structured sequence of training content which can consist of Courses and Learning Components.

What are Learning Pathways?

A Learning Pathway is a route, taken by learners through a range of activities, allowing them to build knowledge progressively. Learndot Enterprise allows training companies to build learning pathways to be sold to learners, packaging them as an ideal sequence of learning activities to reach proficiency.

You can think of learning pathways like a University degree with a sequence of subjects to be taken in order to complete the requirements of the course.

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways are an entity type within Learndot Enterprise, located at Catalog > Learning Pathways.




Knowledge Category

Knowledge Category that the Learning Pathway is categorized under.



Name of Learning Pathway.



Purchase price of the Learning Pathway.
Note: See Currencies for currency configuration



Active = Yes

This is when the Purchasable field in the Learning Pathway is set to Yes

Active = No

When the Purchasable field in the Learning Pathway is set to either No or Only as part of a bundle


Proof of Completion

    • Selecting "Inherit" will overwrite the individual configuration with the parent setting 

    • Selecting "Yes" will always generate a Proof of Completion certificate for this learning component, regardless of the parent configuration 

    • Selecting "No" will never generate a Proof of Completion certificate for this learning component, regardless of the parent configuration 



Description of Learning Pathway which provides the opportunity to provide a Description of the Learning Pathway on the Catalog Page.

Visible To

  • Everyone Default status: indicates the Learning Component is available for everyone. The Learning Component is available via URL and linked to on the website (i.e: catalog). 

  • Everyone with URL: The Learning Component is for a specific audience. The Learning Component is available via direct URL but will not be listed on the website (i.e: catalog). 

  • Only Signed in User: The Learning Component is only visible to contacts who have signed in. The Learning Component is available via direct URL and will also be listed on the website (i.e: catalog) if the contact is authenticated 

  • No one - Optionally redirect to new URL: The Learning Component won't be listed in the catalog for anyone. Access via direct URL will redirect to the home page. 

  • Custom (based on Catalog Groups): If the Custom Catalog View feature is disabled, any content marked with Visibility = Custom (depends on catalog groups) will continue to be visible to everyone until the feature is enabled.



The building blocks of Learning Pathways consist of numbered steps that make up the activities of the Learning Pathway. These steps are made up of existing purchasable entities within Learndot Enterprise such as Courses and Learning Components.




Learning Pathway

Each Learning Pathway has Step it is assigned too.
Note: You can still create Steps and assign then with a Pathway in the future.




The learning component that the user will have to complete for this step.


Numbered position of this Step among the sequence of Steps in Learning Pathway.

Refer Creating Learning Pathways and Steps for more information on creating Learning Pathways and Steps.


Right now, it's not possible to add resources to Learning Pathways. This is a phase 2 project and should be worked on in the near future.

Remember that you can always add resources on the components (steps) that are inside the Learning Pathways (Courses, ILT's, eLearning, etc).


Contact enrolls in a Learning Pathway and completes the required Steps in order to Pass the Pathway. The Contacts progress on the Pathway is tracked within the Enrolment.

Admin Dashboard View:

Enrollments for a Learning Pathway can be managed within the Learning Pathway View in the Admin Dashboard. The Enrollments section within the Learning Pathway View displays enrollments on the Learning Pathway level. 

Enrollments on the Learning Components (Steps) level will be created immediately in Admin Dashboard once students start each one of them by clicking on the Learning Component (Step) in the respective Learning Pathway.

Importing bulk enrollments

If you want to add multiple enrollments to a Learning Pathway simultaneously, please refer the link proceed to Enrollments documentation and locate Adding Bulk enrollments via CSV Importer and follow the provided steps.

Learner experience

Once the Administrator has created the Learning Pathway, it can be accessed on the public catalog:

Once you click on the Pathway chosen, it will appear on the details page with the price, Summary, Description and under Content, a list of the Steps (Courses/eLearnings, etc). The learner can click on the Steps' names and check the details of each of them:

Learner Dashboard

On the Learner Dashboard, the learner can see each of the Steps/Courses  listed, and how many modules were completed with a progression bar:

Once the learner clicks on one of the Courses, it renders on the Consumption page as a normal Course would render.