Learndot Products are designed to support the sale of goods using the Learndot platform. The following sections describe the fields and features supported by the Products feature.


NameName of product.
PurchasableCan the component be purchased on the website.
PriceAmount of money payment to purchase the product.
Tax JurisdictionUsed when specifying from which location is the Tax going to be charged.
ProviderSelect the provider offering the component
CategoryProduct Category that this product is under.
NotesAny notes that product creator may wish to add.

Product Content

SummaryA brief description of the product.
DescriptionAn account describing the product.
LogoImage used to represent the product.

Shipping Characteristics

Shipping Characteristics - Shipping Weight (g)Weight of product in grams.
Shipping Characteristics - Shipping Width (mm)Width of product in millimeters.
Shipping Characteristics - Shipping Height (mm)Height of product in millimeters.
Shipping Characteristics - Shipping Depth (mm)Depth of product in millimeters.
Shipping Chargeable

Specifies whether Customer pays for shipping.

File DownloadDownload file located in Static File Manager for this product.
Enable Directory DownloadSpecifies whether other files in the same directory (or any of the sub-directories) will also be available for download.
Force File DownloadSet to 'Yes' to prompt for file download. 'No' to display in the browser.
Max Download (Count)Maximum allowable file download for each purchase of product.
Max Download (Days)Specifies the duration in days that this item will be available for download measured from the time of the purchase. Set to -1 to disable.
Send Expiry Reminder (Days)Specifies the number of days before product expiry to send a reminder email. -1 for no reminder.
Send Survey (Days)Specifies the number of days after product purchase to send a eLearning survey email. -1 for no email.

Virtual Machine Template ID

Specifies the ID of the virtual machine template that will be provisioned for the user who buys this item. This will only work if the virtual machine provisioning system has been configured in system settings.

License Template ID

Specifies the ID of the license template that will be used with generating a license for the user who buys this item. This will only work if the license generator system has been configured in system settings.
Shipping MethodShipping method: None, Box, Envelope, Download, eLearning, License, Default


Field Configurations

A purchasable item   

Rule Configurations

A purchasable item   


Salesforce Reference ID

Enter the Salesforce Reference ID for Integration


URL Path

A few words that describe this entity. Leave blank to auto generate.

Visible To

Select visibility of the Product.

Order NumberOrder number of product.

Configure Product Notifications

Learndot offers Survey and Expiry notifications, which the administrator can configure. These notifications will be triggered based on it's configuration. Click here to learn more about Product Notifications

Upload SCORM PackageActions

Uploads and reconfigures the products shipping characteristics to use a provided SCORM package. Learndot Enterprise supports the following SCORM versions

  • SCORM 1.2 - 0
  • SCORM 2004 2nd Edition - 0
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition - 0
  • SCORM 2004 4th Edition - 0