Credit Card Payments


Learndot accepts end user credit cards as payment for registration and product orders. The credit card is then processed through configurable payment gateways. See more on payment gateways here.



AmountAmount of payment for the Order.
Processed AmountTotal amount of payment of the Order. 

This defines the status of the payment, it can be set as one of the below:

  • New: This represents that a new payment was recently performed via a Credit Card. 
  • In Progress: The represents that the payment gateway is processing the Credit Card information to either approve or decline the payment. 
  • Processed: This represents that the payment gateway has approved the Credit Card transaction. 
  • Failed: This represents that the payment gateway was unreachable during the period of the Credit Card transaction. 
  • Cancelled: This represents that the payment gateway has declined the Credit Card transaction. 
  • Refunded: This represents that the spent amount was returned back to the Credit Card holder via the payment gateway (Note: this status has to be manually altered in Learndot Enterprise). 
  • Free: The payment made via the Credit Card for this transaction was equivalent to free. 
Invoice NumberA collection of numbers to identify the invoice with.

Any notes that payment creator may wish to add.

Tax Information

Tax IDThis is a field that stores the Tax ID number.
Tax CountryTo specify from which location is the Tax going to be charged.

Credit card

TypeSpecifies the type of credit card the user used.
NumberCredit card number.
Exp. MonthCredit card expiry month.
Exp. YearCredit card expiry year.
Processing DateThe date and time when the transaction has been authorized.

To create/edit credit card payments:

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Payments > Credit Card Payments

  • Click New to create a new credit card payment. Or, click on the Edit icon under the Actions column to modify an existing payment: