Registration is an entity that exists before Learndot Enterprise 3.0+.

What is Registration?

Registration is a purchase of a seat in a training session of a Customer Order.

Each registration has its own set of attributes including:




The internal system ID of the registration

Registration Order

The customer order which this belongs to

Class Schedule

The training session that customer registered for


The person this registration is for


The cost of the registration

Will Use Own Equipment

Whether or not the participant will use their own equipment

Editing a Registration

Sometimes it is necessary to edit a purchased registration in a customer order (for example, to extend the expiry period). Registration can be modified through the Learndot Enterprise administration:

Login to the Learndot Enterprise Admin

Select Customer Orders

Edit the order that associated with the registration

Click on the ID of the registration you wish to edit

Select the pencil icon to edit the registration.

After editing the registration, click OK to save the modifications.