Product Categories

Products in Learndot are organized into Product Categories. Each Product Category can have one or more products


Each Product in Learndot must be assigned to a Product Category.


ParentParent product category of this category if any.
NameName of this product category.
TaglineAn often repeated phrase associated with this product category.
DescriptionA account describing the product category.
LogoAn image representing this product category.
URL PathA few words that describe this entity. Leave blank to auto generate.

Everyone — Default status, indicates the entity is available via URL and linked to on the website interface.
Everyone with the URL — Indicates the entity is for a specific audience. The entity is available via URL but not linked to on the website.
Only signed in users — Indicates the entity is only for contacts who have signed in. The entity is available via URL and linked to on the website if the contact is authenticated.
No one — Indicates the entity has been replaced.

Order NumberOrder number of this product category.

Creating Products Categories

  • Login as an Administrator 
  • Navigate to Catalog > Product Categories at the top navigation bar
  • Click on the New button

  • Fill up the form and hit Save.