The Agreements module provides features for creating agreement content and managing agreements with Contacts. Agreement content can be configured through templates (to produce privacy policies, EULAs or other terms and conditions) and issued to contacts for review.

Accessing Agreements and Templates

To modify or view agreements/agreement templates, you will need to log into Learndot Enterprise as an administrator.

Once you have done that, you would have access to Agreements and Agreement Templates from the Admin menu. Agreements is accessed under Professional Services while Agreement Templates are accessed under Setup. 

If you cannot see the Agreements menu section, check if the user has the correct permissions associated. The relevant permissions are shown in the screenshot on the right.


Adding Agreement Templates

Select Agreement Template to add or modify existing agreement templates.


There are three types of agreement templates:




Agreement template that has no entity associated. Typically used when you want to fire off agreements which does not require association between Talent Opportunity or Talent Placement.

Talent Placement

These templates can be created in the Talent Placement interface and has access to properties from the associated Talent Placement.

Talent Opportunities

These templates can be created in the Talent Opportunity interface and has access to properties from the associated Talent Opportunity.

Agreement templates can include static HTML or dynamic content by using FreeMarker. Their content is created in a similar fashion to Blurbs.

Here is a sample template:

<#--Initialise the template variable values-->
<#assign contactName = (!"N/A">
<#assign contactOrganization = (!"N/A">
<#assign entityId = (!"N/A">
<#assign entityValue = (entity.value)!"N/A">

<p>This is an example of a agreement template linked with to an talent opportunity.</p>

<p>You have access to the agreement object which means to can pull in dynamic information.</p>

  <li>Contact Name = ${contactName}</li>
  <li>Contact Organization = ${contactOrganization}</li>

<p>You also have access to the linked entity.</p>

  <li>Opportunity ID = ${entityId}</li>
  <li>Opportunity Value = ${entityValue}</li>

When creating agreement templates, bear in mind you have access to the following entities.





A reference to the agreement which was created from this template.

To display the name of the contact this agreement has been associated with:



A reference to the entity the agreement has been associated with.

To display the created date of the associated Talent Opportunity (assuming it was linked when creating the agreement):



A reference to the current date.

To display the date (as of when the agreement was created).


To determine the name of fields on an entity object, navigate to the edit screen for that entity. The Freemarker references will match the name of each input field when viewing HTML markup.

Input Field (on edit screen)

HTML Markup

Assuming this entity had been linked to an agreement, you would access the DescriptionAnticipated Start Date and Estimated Duration as respectively:


Adding Agreements

For agreement templates with entity association, you can add agreements directly from the entity itself.

For example:
You can add any agreements from a Talent Opportunity if the template is associated with a Talent Opportunity entity.

After a agreement has been created, the contact will be notified with a email that contains a link to the agreement. The user can either accept or decline the agreement.

Users can see the list of agreements assign to them from their profile page.

Subscribing to notifications

Staff users can subscribe to email notifications when agreements are either accepted or declined.

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