The system allows the user to create four types of Labels. This can be done by the Learndot Administrator. Which are:

  • Referral source

  • Lead: Subject

  • Salutation

  • Software

To create a new Label or view the existing ones, go to System > Labels.

Basic Fields




Enables or disables the label


  • Referral source

  • Lead: Subject

  • Salutation

  • Software


Name of the label

Order Number

Number for set which of the labels goes first


Internal notes


Referral Source

This label will help you to get information about how the client hear about you. 

The next image shows the "Sign up" form, which shows all the tags with the category "referral source".

Lead: Subject

Leads is a module that is used to track communication with site visitors who contact staff via Contact Us page. So, when some clients contacts you, with this label you can tag every note in "Leads"

After you receive any 'Leads' (Customers > Leads), just Select one and click on Edit

Finally, you can tag it or create a new label if none of the list matches the subject by clicking on the + icon, which will direct you to the 'Create Label Page'.


Salutation will be available on the /login page, when users register for the first time.

it is possible to personalize the salutation. Here's a list of what can be done:

  • Hide this field (create a support ticket to do so)

  • Change this field from mandatory to not mandatory

  • Change/edit the "Salutation" verbiage

  • Change/delete/edit the drop-down options

Change this field from mandatory to not mandatory

To do so, go to System Settings, then look for the setting "contact.member.salutation.required". Click on edit, and then make this field be enabled (yes) and value has to be set to no:

Rename this field

To change the verbiage from "Salutation" to any other word, as an admin, go to System Settings and search for, click on Edit, and add to the list: "salutationLabel=<new verbiage>".

Edit/remove the drop-down menu options

To edit, change or remove any of the Salutation drop-down options, as an admin, go to System > Labels:

Find the salutation you want to change and click on Edit - change the verbiage, or set "enabled to No" to hide it from the list, then Save. 


Finally, you may add a list of softwares. This list will be available when a contact is created or modified.