Protect your content and discourage onward distribution with Learndot automated resource watermarking.


Watermarking involves overlaying text and/or graphics over content to help identify ownership or copyright. Learndot provides a highly customization watermarking feature for PDF files (used as resources of Learning Components) to help discourage distribution and protect your content.

Setup & Configuration

Watermarking setup options are available for staff contacts with the System Setting Write Permission under Content Management the Learndot administration.

General config options are explained in the following table.

ConfigurationEnable/disable the watermarking feature, specify the watermark text using tokens and whether to mark the entire document or first page.
Content Restricted Folders

Allowed Directories 

  • By default when "Watermarking" is enabled all PDF files uploaded under "/private/content/" will be "Watermarked"
  • If there is an incident that certain PDF files would not want to be watermarked, a folder has to be created under Static File at the following "/private/content/" and the folder name has to be listed under the Allowed Directories field
  • The above Folder will be the location where all the PDF Files will be processes will have "Watermarking" enabled.

Failure Email List

  • A list of emails which can be placed in by using "comma separated" to notify when a PDF processing fails
  • The email has to have an associate Contact in the system, it will be ignored otherwise.
WatermarkingLook and feel customisation for the watermark including text color and size.
Document Security and PermissionsEnforce restrictions on the watermarked document including password protection, print permissions, etc.

By default watermarking is disabled.

Text Expression

The Text Expression field controls the text used when watermarking files. Tokens represent attributes of the contact downloading the file which are replaced during the watermarking process. For example:

Text ExpressionExample Watermark Text
${firstName} ${lastName} - ${date}

Jonathan Appel - 19-Apr-2015

${firstName} ${lastName}, ${organization}, ${email}

Jonathan Appel, ServiceRocket, jonathan.appel@servicerocket.com

DRAFT: ${organization}

DRAFT: ServiceRocket

Text Color

Watermark Text Color field accepts HTML hexadecimal colors. Note the format includes a leading 0X so to use the hexadecimal color #CCCCCC you would need to enter 0XCCCCCC 

Content Restricted Folders

Downloading Watermarked Files

PDF files are watermarked automatically during the download process. For contacts that have purchased training content, watermarked resources can be accessed via the Learner Dashboard under the Materials heading of the training content.

PDF files included in compressed (for example .zip) digital resources will not be watermarked.

Files downloaded through the administration are also be watermarked. This means to access the un-altered version of a file you will need to move it outside of the configured Allowed Directories or temporarily disable watermarking.

Please note

A restart of the instance might be required for changes to take effect.

For a more complete overview of how Contacts access resources see – Digital Resources

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