Course Testimonials


One of the best ways to demonstrate the effectiveness of a training course is the feedback of a delighted customer. To this end, Learndot Enterprise allows customer feedback to be collected through a variety of automated surveys, or manually added if these are not being used through the Course Testimonials feature.

Course Testimonials

Using the System Settings

Course Testimonials can either be manually added through the Learndot Enterprise administration or collected through survey forms.

Learndot Enterprise is designed to allow the stored testimonials to be included on pages in a configurable way through a series of system settings, including:

Each submitted testimonial can be given a rating so that Learndot Enterprise staff users can control the minimum quality of testimonials to display.

Adding Testimonials into a page/blurb

Course testimonials can be manually added into a page or blurb using FreeMarker.

An illustrative example of how the necessary code looks is included below - the <@.systemSetting...> tag wraps the whole block, so it will only display if the setting controlling the showing of course testimonials is set to true:

<@s.systemSetting name="">
<@s.getCourseTestimonials var="topRandomizedCourseTestimonials" maxResults=3 />
<#if topRandomizedCourseTestimonials?size gt 0>
    <div class="sidebar-type-3 testimonial">
        <div class="holder related-info-box">
            <div class="side-panel-3">
                <div class="inner testimonial">
                    <#list topRandomizedCourseTestimonials as courseTestimonial>
                        <#if courseTestimonial.organization??>
                            <span class="testimonial-author">- ${}</span>

Managing Course Testimonials

Please note that in earlier versions, Course Testimonials is located under Admin -> Training -> Course Testimonials.

Course Testimonials can be managed by going to Admin -> Reports -> Course Testimonials.

Here, you can create new course testimonials as well as manage existing course testimonials, for details on how to manage entities please refer to Entity Actions.

A course testimonial consists of 6 fields:

Course - The course this testimonial is for

Contact - The contact associated to the testimonial (Optional)

Organization - The organization of the Contact associated to the testimonial (Optional)

Submitted - The date the testimonial was submitted

Testimonial - The text testimonial to show, this is a free-text field

Rating - The rating given to the course out of 5 (please note that in earlier versions of Learndot Enterprise, the rating can be one of: New, Poor, Ok, Good, Great, Excellent)


There are a number of system settings which are available that controls which course testimonials to display and how they are displayed, please see the list below for more information about each setting.

System Setting


Whether to show course testimonials or not

This allows you to set what details you want to display from the testimonial, by default, it will show the name of the organization of the testimonial, however, can be configured to be:

  • none - Displays the body of the testimonial without any details about the author
  • contact - Displays the testimoinal body as well as the Name and Title of the contact (eg. John Doe, Senior Architect)
  • organization - Displays the testimoinal body as well as the Name of the organization that the contact belongs to (eg. CustomWare)
  • both - Displays the testimoinal body as well as the Name and Title of the contact as well as the Name of the organization that the contact belongs to (eg. John Doe, Senior Architect, CustomWare)

The minimum rating a testimonial must be before it is included in the list of testimonials to display, for example, if you set this to 4, any testimonial below this will not be displayed.

Whether to randomize the list of testimonials displayed or not, when set to YES, it will attempt to grab a randomized list of testimonials to display each time the page is refreshed