Google API Key

Create a Project on Google Developers Console

*We assume that you already have an account on Google, if not, please sign up on this link.

First of all, you have to register your application on Google Developers Console, log in and click on 'Create a Project', write the name of the project and click on 'Create'.


APIs & auth

After the new project is created, check the name of the project (1) and then go to 'APIs & auth'. Click on API's (2). Once you're here, you must to enable 'YouTube Data API' (3) and then confirm it on 'Enabled APIs' (4).


(4). YouTube Data API enabled.

Generate API key

Now you are ready to generate your credentials. Please go to "APIs & auth"->"Credentials" and click on 'Add Credentials'->'API key'.

Click on 'Server key', change the name of the server and add the IP address of your server (on the web you can find pages that will tell you the IP if you don't know).


It's all set, now you have your API key ready for your system settings.


Please check that your video in YouTube allows embedding. If not, the student won't be able to reproduce it and the result it's going to be a black screen with an error message.


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